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Washable sustainable vegan green lunch box
Boxed Lunch
Boxed Lunch
Sustainable vegan insulated green lunch boxed
Sustainable vegan insulated tan lunch box
Sustainable vegan insulated tan lunch box
Sustainable washable vegan insulated lunch box

Boxed Lunch

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Designed to fit easily into a backpack or tote, the Boxed Lunch is perfect for taking to school or the office. An extra-thick lining provides a long stay-cool time, while the seams have been carefully finished to avoid leaks.

All Out of the Woods products are sustainable, vegan, and reusable. Featuring Supernatural Paper™, which is washable! Since this product is insulated, both the insulation and the Supernatural Paper™ can be wiped clean with ease.

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Care For Your Bag

To care for your bag, hand wash in warm water with a mild detergent or soap.


10.2” x 6.9”x 3.3”


Out of the Woods products feature Supernatural Paper™ which is made of tree cellulose from well-managed forests where trees are responsibly harvested and replanted. Because trees are a renewable resource, it has a lower carbon footprint compared to many other materials used for bags, particularly those derived from petroleum-based products.

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