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KeepCool Messenger Cooler Bag

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KeepCool Messenger Cooler Bag
KeepCool Messenger Cooler Bag

Dimensions: 22”(L) x 8.7”(W) x 14.2”(H)

A convenient and convertible cooler bag with a messenger-style strap for hands-free carrying and shorter grab handles. This insulated cooler bag can go from a carry-on to a diaper bag to the perfect Farmers' Market tote. Featuring a side zipper pocket and velcro pocket to keep things within reach.

KeepCool Messenger Cooler Bag

Timeless Design

Minimalist designs and classic silhouettes that make a subtle statement.

Made from Nature

Sustainable, durable, ultralight, and made from our signature Supernatural Paper®.

For Everyone, For the planet

Designed for everyone and to protect Mother Nature. Certified 1% for the Planet.

made with our signature

supernatural paper®

Our ground-breaking Supernatural Paper® is sustainable, durable, washable, ultralight, and made from trees. Tree-cellulose is sourced from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social, and economic benefits. It’s then bonded to transform it from paper into something supernatural.

Our Supernatural Paper has an 84% lighter carbon footprint compared to leather and it is 100% animal-free, making it the perfect vegan leather-alternative.  Also, the production process is extremely water-efficient with 93% of the water used being returned to its original source.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Tony G.
Excellent Bag for grocery Shopping

I love this bag since Wholefoods used to sell them, now they come with handles which only makes them better. You can shop and hold a lot more as your hands are free, great design for men or women to carry items (I use it for groceries). I can’t say enough about them

Denise J.
Terrific multiuse bag❗️

This was a great gift!! Receive lots of compliments @ grocery check out as holds so much & easy to pack..items stay cold. Works great for keeping items cold for pool parties as well, so I bought one for my daughter..she loves it too!!

What went wrong?

I bought two cooler bags at Costco and they looked great. Something spilled, so I washed them, and it did not end well. Seams had split, fabric unraveled, and what is the plastic-y stuff that shredded like angry badgers had attacked?
So, what happened, and is there a solution? Thanks!

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