Must-Have Gear for Music Festival Season

With the 2022 edition of Coachella already behind us, we can look forward to the rest of the music festival season with an eye on...
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With the 2022 edition of Coachella already behind us, we can look forward to the rest of the music festival season with an eye on being more sustainable. Although Coachella always has environmental initiatives in place, including stations for refilling water bottles and making donations of unused goods to local organizations, true positive impact requires festivalgoers to do their part as well. If you plan ahead, you can create a much smaller environmental footprint.

Here are some of our favorite gear and accessories that are as convenient as they are eco-friendly.

Reusable water bottle

Single-use plastic is one of the biggest sources of the 107 tons of daily waste that many festivals produce. The best way to prevent that plastic from ending up in the trash is to avoid it altogether. Take advantage of the free refilling stations many festivals now offer by investing in a reusable bottle. Considering the cost of bottled water at festivals, you’ll be saving money and the planet.

Reusable straws

It’s best for the Earth not to use a straw at all. But if you must use one, use it multiple times. Condé Nast Traveler compiled a list of editor favorites, including ones that collapse and come with carrying cases and cleaning kits.

Reusable utensils

Frequent campers already know there’s a slew of options available, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding a set that fits your needs and style. Look for utensils that are strong and dishwasher-safe. Carrying cases are great for organization and to ensure cutlery stays as clean as possible at dusty fairgrounds.

Biodegradable wet wipes

Keeping fresh under the desert sun can be a challenge. Rather than dealing with the mobs at the porta-potties, bring along some handy-dandy wet wipes — just make sure they’re compostable. Bonus points if they’re 100% plant-based.


The perfect festival outfit calls for the perfect pair of shades. For an eco-friendly option, choose from the vast inventory of the Sunglass Museum, which has unearthed hundreds of thousands of specs that sat forgotten in warehouses for decades. Find your perfect match among retro styles ranging from steampunk to sporty to spiffy cat-eye.


How to tote around your eco-conscious accoutrements? With an Out of the Woods Backpack, of course. Compact enough not to bump your neighbor but roomy enough to stash all your gear, the Backpack is made from lightweight Supernatural Paper™, which means it’s a snap to wash off the festival dust once you’re back home.

In addition to purchasing eco-friendly gear, be sure to do your part by carpooling, recycling, and donating any used items after the final encore has faded.

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