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A symbol of change for the conscious and the considerate.

Out of the Woods™ brings you a range of spectacular bags that, beyond their unique aesthetics and amazing value, answer a growing call for brands to be more environmentally and ethically centered.

Made with Supernatural Paper™, our highly functional and affordable bags are rooted in sustainability and designed to feel classic yet new. We are thrilled to bring them to the world.


With the increasing threats to our fragile planet, we have committed to creating awareness and developing solutions to help reverse environmental damage, all the while striving to continuously do better.

Better means using the most sustainable materials available. Our Supernatural Paper™ comes from managed forests, where trees are responsibly harvested and replanted.

Better means ensuring the efficient production practices. When producing the Supernatural Paper™ used to make our bags, 93% of the water is returned to the eco-system in its original clean and safe condition while the remaining 7% is lost through evaporation.

Better means creating sustainable products that look and feel good. All of our designs help make a difference while showcasing your personal flair, even as you go about your daily routine. Plus, our bags have both the durability and style to last well into the future.

The environment needs our attention. If we work together and each of us does our part, the damage can be reversed.

We’re not out of the woods yet,
but we’re taking strides in the right direction.


We make beautiful bags that prove doing good also looks good.

We make bags that last a long time – not just physically but stylistically as well.

We make bags that are affordable and functional.

We make it easy to do better.

We are a symbol for change for the conscious and the considerate.

We are a voice of better choices in goods.

We are active, forward-focused and optimistic in our approach.

We are innovative in the materials we use, the designs we make, and the actions we take.


Out of the Woods is founded by the team behind KeepCool, one of the early innovators and advocates of reusable bags.

Focused on innovation, design, and affordability, KeepCool white-label bags are transforming shopping behavior for the better while simultaneously protecting the environment through more sustainable practices.


"We hope to convey our experience, expertise, and — most of all — our passion for reusable bags. Since founding KeepCool in 1999, my primary focus has been to introduce innovation for a bag’s construction and its features."

— Pierre Barlier, CEO and Founder