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A symbol of change for the conscious and the considerate.

Out of the Woods bags are designed to carry many things, but most importantly, they carry a promise.

Made with Supernatural Paper™

These are not your everyday paper bags. Supernatural Paper is real paper pulp from slow-grown trees, then bonded with latex*, making it washable – supernatural indeed. Lightweight, strong and elegant, our bags have the look and feel of well-worn leather, which means they get better and more supple with age.

These carryalls are naturally good for the planet because they eliminate the need for single-use bags and the material itself is sustainable because it is sourced from well managed forests where trees are responsibly harvested and replanted. Supernatural Paper has a more desirable environmental profile than many other materials including plastic, animal-hide, and cotton. While papermaking can be very water intensive, our process returns 93% of the water drawn for production, safe and cleaned to its original source. The other 7% evaporates.

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*The latex utilized in Supernatural Paper is allergen free. This unique latex has additional benefits over natural rubber in that it is more resistant to abrasions and ages better for longer use and wear. Supernatural Paper is Okeo-Tex 100 certified, guaranteeing it is free of harmful levels of more than 100 substances and is recognized by Allergy Standards as a pathway to their asthma and allergy friendly certification.

Evergreen style from the evergreens themselves

While our Supernatural Paper is cutting edge, our bag styles are as timeless as the forests. To reate these modern classics, our bags must be flawless and refined. And that takes repeat cycles of innovation, design, and crafting to perfect every detail.

It’s not by chance that each bag’s handles comfortably shape over your shoulder or rest in the crook of your arm. Or that each bag’s dimensions anticipate how much you want to carry. That’s all by design. Along with our designers in California and our global team, we visualize, build, test, tweak, and repeat every part of every bag. From backpacks to coolers, wine totes and lunch bags to our conic shoppers, our bags are dependable, smart, strong and affordable.

Bags produced with purpose

Before your Out of the Woods bag reaches you, it’s already loaded with goodness. Of course, every bag is made with our Supernatural Paper from renewable and sustainably managed sources of pulp and water. And we proudly produce our bags in an airy facility in Vietnam where its best practices exceed global standards for labor, health & safety, and the environment.

Please follow us on our social media channels as we continue to design for a more hopeful world where people bring their own bags to shop and strive to live cleaner healthier lives. On a fragile planet, little things add up, one person at a time, one bag at a time.


From a company with rich history in sustainability

Out of the Woods was founded by Pierre Barlier, the founder and CEO of KeepCool – the company that can be credited for introducing the first reusable bags made from post-consumer waste in the United States over 15 years ago. The discovery of Supernatural Paper and the creation of Out of the Woods were a natural extension of Pierre’s growing passion for bags and the environment. Expect more in the future. Innovation and sustainable living never stop.

“A good bag embraces more than you ask it to hold. It embraces you.”

— Pierre Barlier, CEO and Founder

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Bigger than bags

Guilt free. Animal free. Vegan. Sustainable. Value. These aren’t buzz words, these are the building blocks of what we do and how we do it. We’re not only eliminating single-use bags, we’re making forever bags. Out of the Woods™ brings you a range of Supernatural Paper bags with unique aesthetics and features that remind us to be kinder to our planet.

So go ahead, wear your heart on your sleeve and your values on your arm. Join us in making more environmentally and ethically centered choices. It’s easy and just feels better.

We’re not out of the woods yet,
but we’re taking strides in the right direction.


We make beautiful bags that prove doing good also looks good.

We make bags that last a long time – not just physically but stylistically as well.

We make bags that are affordable and functional.

We make it easy to do better.

We are a symbol for change for the conscious and the considerate.

We are a voice of better choices in goods.

We are active, forward-focused and optimistic in our approach.

We are innovative in the materials we use, the designs we make, and the actions we take.