To reduce the negative impact on the environment by developing lasting products made of better materials. To make bags that are a reflection of our community — not just in styles, but in values and behavior. To keep moving designs forward by tapping into our curious and inventive nature. To use our bags to guide better product choices. To question the stories behind materials and their impact on our lives and environment. To understand that sustainability isn't perfection or a destination, but our commitment to the journey.

Supernatural Paperâ„¢

Our bags are made from Supernatural Paper™. Supernatural Paper™ is made from trees - tree cellulose, that is - and bonded to make it durable and washable, giving it supernatural qualities. Because trees are a renewable resource and our cellulose is derived from responsibly managed forests, our bags are more sustainable with a lower carbon footprint than traditional materials like leather, cotton, or other petroleum-based materials. Our commitment to making our materials supernatural doesn't end there as a growing number of our products are also FSC®-certified (FSC® C153080).


Our non-insulated bags are machine-washable! Insulated bags can be wiped clean with ease.


Because it's bonded, Supernatural Paperâ„¢ is transformed from traditional paper to be washable and strong.


Relying on a renewable resource like trees from responsibly-managed forests results in lower carbon footprint.

Ethical Manufacturing

Sustainability to us is the whole package, from materials to manufacturing. We work closely with our factory in Vietnam on every sample and every step of production. Our factory partner prioritizes worker comfort and sustainability throughout their process. Rainwater is recovered and recycled onsite, used to grow fruits and vegetables at the factory facilities. Our factory also helps us source raw materials locally, like material for our hangtags, and finishings.

  • SA8000 certified factory
  • Compliant to Sedex Members Ethical Trade Standards
  • Rainwater recycling program

An Intentional Approach to Design

Design-Thinking Approach

For product development, we utilize a 5-stage approach for design to create products with a purpose.

Classic Silhouettes

Our bags use modern shapes and clean lines to create silhouettes that outlast trends.

Tried, Tested, & True

We work closely with our factory partner on sample development and are constantly updating and improving design before each production run. If you have product feedback, please contact us!


Out of the Oceanâ„¢

We told you about our parent brand, but have you met our sister brand, Out of the Ocean™? Out of the Ocean bags are made from 100% Ocean Plastic® and is available to shop now.