Dad deserves the best — and so does the planet. We’ve rounded up a bevy of eco-friendly gift ideas that celebrates them both.

1. Portable fire pit

Bring a little coziness to any outdoor gathering, at home or away. The B corporation’s model is sturdier than a backpacking stove but still lightweight enough for easy transport. Buy at Barebones.

2. Wild animal adoption

Okay, so it’s only a symbolic adoption, but at least that means you don’t have to clean the lion’s litter pan. With dozens of animals to choose from — ranging in size from black-footed ferret to blue whale — you’re bound to find Dad’s spirit animal. Adopt at World Wildlife Fund.

3. Shearling fleece pullover

Patagonia has long been known as a pioneer and “activist company.” Its fleece pullover is not only Fair Trade Certified™ and made from 100% recycled polyester, but the website also offers in-depth info about how and where the tops are made. Buy at Patagonia.

4. Solar-powered emergency light

Sometimes your cellphone flashlight just won’t cut it. Perfect for everything from blackouts to camping trips, today’s solar-powered lights shine far brighter than their predecessors of just a few years ago. Look for models that have different beam modes (e.g., spotlight, floodlight) and, for convenience, can also be charged through alternate sources such as USB.

5. Estate jewelry

The best way to go green is to avoid manufacturing of any kind. Vintage pieces such as cufflinks and pendants showcase dad’s timeless taste and appreciation for retro style.

6. Craft beer

Treat Pop to some truly sustainable suds, whether it’s a one-off purchase or an annual subscription. Look for companies that use locally sourced products and that are Fair Trade Certified™.

7. Walrus Cooler

Our insulated cooler lets Dad bring brews to the beach or Perrier on a picnic — all ice-cold. Made from Supernatural Paper™, which is both sustainable and ethically sourced. Buy at Out of the Woods.