Rain, Rain, Don’t Go Away!

It’s an essential part of Out of the Woods’ mission to nurture and protect our planet. One way we’re striving to make change is by...
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It’s an essential part of Out of the Woods’ mission to nurture and protect our planet. One way we’re striving to make change is by bringing attention to how important freshwater is!

While 71% of Earth’s surface is covered in water, only 2% is freshwater. (Pretty crazy, huh)? Without Earth’s fresh rainwater to continue to replenish our land, potable water will continue to grow scarcer and scarcer than it already is. (Source: 

While we complain about the rain and the inconveniences that it may cause us, we should acknowledge the importance of rain and the water cycle that ultimately works to protect our Earth from the greenhouse effect and other dangerous weather conditions. The never-ending water cycle begins with precipitation, followed by evaporation from oceans, lakes and streams, as well as transpiration from plants. This turns into condensation which builds up and is stored in the clouds until it rains again. 

If the water cycle is thrown off  in any way, our Earth may experience the negative effects of wastewater. Wastewater is liquid waste; a byproduct of industrial processing. When evaporation is significantly less than precipitation, wastewater is abundant and can find its way into our waterways. This is a big reason why Out of the Woods is committed to being environmentally conscious in all aspects! By us all doing our part to waste as little water as possible, we can cut down on wastewater, and ensure that we avoid lasting global warming effects. (Source:

In general, papermaking can be very water intensive (it typically takes about six gallons of water to make a pound of paper in the US). On average, it takes one gallon of water to produce one single-use paper bag. (Source: Out of the Woods’ uniquely designed bags are naturally beneficial for the planet because they eliminate the need for single-use bags! 

All of our bags are made with Supernatural Paper, which is sourced from ethically  managed FSC-certified forests, where trees are responsibly harvested and replanted. Our materials have a more desirable environmental profile than many other materials including plastic, animal-hide, and cotton. At Out of The Woods, our process returns 93% of the water drawn for production back to its original source. The other 7% evaporates right back into the air, making it an entirely clean process.

Rain is such a critical part of our planet, but human water consumption and wastewater has exponentially increased over the years. The amount of rain the planet is able to produce cannot keep up with our demand for freshwater. This is why it is so important to advocate to save water in every way you can and join the fight for universally clean water. We can make an impact in the water crisis through education and awareness, along with rain harvesting. Even small everyday changes such as listening to one less song in the shower, turning off faucets while you brush your teeth, checking pipes for leaks, and supporting brands that prioritize the health of our planet can make a difference. Here at Out of the Woods, we will continue to keep our production processes as water efficient as possible. Let's fight to save water, and help the environment one decision at a time. Bring on the rain!

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