Sustainable Style: Budget and Earth Friendly

Let's face it, clothes are awesome. But the fast fashion industry can be, well, not so awesome for the environment. So, how can you rock...
Sustainable Style: Budget and Earth Friendly

Let's face it, clothes are awesome. But the fast fashion industry can be, well, not so awesome for the environment. So, how can you rock unique styles that are kind to your wallet and the planet? Thrifting and mending and swapping oh my! There are so many ways to be kind to the planet, your wallet and your wardrobe without losing the style that makes you, well, you!


Thrifting and secondhand shopping are your new best friends. These havens of pre-loved clothing are bursting with unique finds waiting to be unearthed. There's a reason the 90s are coming back. Everything vintage is SO CUTE. Reminder: trends come and go, your style is what stays. Focus on that rather than staying up to date on trends generated just to grab your money!

  • Brick-and-Mortar Gems: Thrift stores like Goodwill and Salvation Army are classics for a reason. There's also Plato's Closet, which caters more towards trendy young adults. Wanna level up your vintage game? Check out best thrift stores in your cities. I bet you'll find a haul or two talking about some hidden gems others have found. 
  • App Attack!: Can't find the time to dig through racks? No worries! Apps like Depop and Poshmark are online marketplaces where you can find everything from designer steals to quirky graphic tees. Looking for higher end on a budget? Sites like The RealReal offer secondhand designer clothes, pre-authenticated and here to make you runway ready.  

Speaking of Thrifting - you definitely need to bring your own bag. If you don't have a roomy tote already, might I recommend the Iconic Shopper? Its spacious interior will fit all your favorite finds and guarantee chic thrifting vibes. Super cute. Super Sustainable.

Clothing Swaps: Sustainable and Social

Looking to refresh your wardrobe with friends? Organize a clothing swap! It's a fun way to give pre-loved pieces a new lease on life and score amazing finds for free. Plus, who doesn't love a good social gathering? One of my favorite college memories is how big our Clothing Swaps became! It was such a great way to give love to old pieces and meet new people too! Highly recommend regardless of scale. 



That favorite shirt with the small tear? Don't toss it! Mending is a budget-friendly superpower. Isn't it wild that that everyone used to know how to mend? It was just second nature. The thought of buying something new when you had something that worked perfectly well was insane! Just a needle and thread away from being good as new. Let's bring that back. 

  • YouTube University: There are so many channels out there that not only will teach you how to mend, but turn old clothes into something new! The perfect mending channel for your level is out there and it will most likely save you a lot of time and money! Not a Youtuber? Check out Pinterest, Instagram or TikTok for accounts totally dedicated to revamping what you already own. 
  • Local Hero: Many craft stores and community centers offer mending workshops - a fun way to learn a new skill and meet fellow crafty comrades. Do some googling or follow their accounts on Instagram for local events and updates about upcoming workshops.

Sustainable Brands on a Budget

While secondhand is amazing, there are also some brands that focus on sustainable practices without breaking the bank. Check out Pact for organic cotton basics, or Girlfriend Collective for activewear made from recycled water bottles! Reminder: Sometimes sustainable brands feel a little pricey. We are so used to low prices and sales that we have to remember what we are paying for is quality, ethical practices and materials that are doing better for you and the planet. When you shop new, make sure you prioritize your style over trends. That way you can hold on to that piece forever. As I always say, the most sustainable clothing is already in your closet. 

Rocking Sustainable Style is Easy!

With a little creativity, sustainable fashion on a budget is totally achievable. So next time you're looking to update your wardrobe, think pre-loved, mend what you've got, and embrace your inner fashionista in a way that's kind to the planet. After all, looking good and doing good can absolutely go hand-in-hand!

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