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Hello house plant moms and dads! As you continue to add family members to your home by means of a snake plant here or a...
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Hello house plant moms and dads! As you continue to add family members to your home by means of a snake plant here or a succulent there, the cute green plant babies we all love to look at go far beyond adding greenery to your space and actually affect the human brain.  Recent research suggests that being near indoor plants can actually increase your attention span. Additionally, researchers have found that the simple presence of plants in offices boosts your ability to maintain attention. So, although you may think your fern in the corner of your bedroom is nothing more than a charming household accessory to look at and take care of, it can be so much more than that!

According to the Journal of Physiological Anthropology, indoor plants may reduce psychological and physiological stress by concealing autonomic nervous system activity. Just by taking care of your houseplants, you are increasing your attention span and reducing stress! To learn more about how your plants can naturally improve your attention span, click here.

As you already may know, houseplants are booming! House plants here, houseplants there, they’re adorning windowsills and store displays along your favorite streets and are overflowing on Instagram feeds. You can now order plants online, pay for plant subscriptions, and follow endless plant accounts. Turns out, there are many reasons why houseplants are taking over. For some, houseplants fill the need to nurture and hold responsibility.  Natural human instincts drive us to care for things and watch them flourish, and plants tend to be a low maintenance way of accomplishing that. They help you bring nature inside when freezing temperatures and pandemic measures restrict us from exploring nature as much as we would like to. Over the course of the past year, we’ve seen how homes are now flourishing with green friends. Spaces are filled with color, light, and life, inspiring others to hop on-trend. I mean who wouldn’t want Adanson's monstera filling their home? 

Being a plant mom or dad is not only fulfilling to your plants, but to you as well.  Plants help eliminate pollutants in the air, which makes for a healthier and happier home. They not only bring life to your space but can improve your mental health! At Out of the Woods, we believe in making more environmentally and ethically conscious choices about the way we treat our surroundings and ourselves. So, nurture your little plant fam and you’ll be doing amazing things for both mother earth and yourself. Looking to add new members to your family? Click here to have all your houseplant questions answered. 

To bring together houseplants and Out of the Woods, give bags like The Wine Tote new life by filling them with greenery and using it as decor around the house. We love seeing our community share house plants and learn how each and every one of you takes steps for making a change for the Earth and your mental health. Tag us in pics of your house plants and Out of the Woods bags to be featured on our page  @outofthewoodsbags !

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