Since 2008, more than 140 countries around the globe have celebrated World Oceans Day to bring awareness to protecting the vital resources of our seas. Here are six ways you can observe the June 8 holiday.

1. Share a video about this year’s theme.

The United Nations has made #RevitalizeTheOcean the theme for 2022 and invites Instagram users to create videos about what a revitalized ocean looks like to them. Spread the word by posting yours.

2. Help restore seagrass.

A vital part of ocean ecosystems — and the main diet of manatees and many sea turtles — seagrass has been in decline due to human activities, such as boating. You can help restore seagrass meadows by donating to Project Seagrass or similar organizations.

3. Cut back on plastic — and all waste.

Much of our trash ends up in the oceans, where it pollutes water and harms fish and other sea creatures. The less you toss out, the more you help aquatic critters. You can cut your plastic consumption by buying in bulk, using reusable produce bags, and purchasing products that use less packaging, such as Earth Breeze’s detergent sheets.

4. Participate in a beach cleanup.

Use the interactive maps from The Ocean Conservancy and World Ocean Day to find an event. If you’re feeling proactive, you can plan your own event and submit it for inclusion.

5. Host an ocean-themed watch party.

Ranging from awe-inspiring to thought-provoking, numerous documentaries showcase the wonders of the underwater world. Our favorites: The Blue Planet, Disney’s Oceans, and the Oscar-winning My Octopus Teacher, which will have you rethinking your love for calamari.

6. Purchase products that support ocean conservation.

From the aqua-themed apparel of Waterlust to Jenga games and skateboards made from recycled fishing net, numerous brands are pitching in to help the sea. And of course, there’s our Out of the Ocean™ tote bags made from plastic reclaimed from the ocean.