Insulated Coolers
Each one of our cooler bags provides ample space for transporting your chilled and frozen produce from market to home. The specially crafted lightweight design means less stress for your back and shoulders.

Seagull Cooler

This striking design has a large zipped cooler compartment with extra-thick lining for keeping your goods cool. With both short wrapped handles and a long-strap alternative, the Seagull Cooler is always comfortable to carry, while its space-saving design allows it to be stored flat.

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Walrus Cooler

The Walrus Cooler features a large main compartment with extra-thick lining for transporting chilled and frozen produce from store to home and to the park. The front pocket provides a useful extra space for sundries.

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Dolphin Cooler

The Dolphin Cooler is designed with extra-thick lining and a square, flat base, providing the perfect foundation for stacking your grocery items or keeping your picnic essentials cool. A large front pocket provides a handy space for stashing personal belongings.

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