Lunch & Snacks
Whether at school or in the office, our lunch and snack bags make a statement: You care about the world we live in. Plus, our specially designed linings and insulated materials ensure your meals stay as fresh as can be.

Paper Sac Lunch

A touch of nostalgia with a contemporary update. The extra-thick insulated lining keeps your lunch fresh, while the outer material is easy to clean and water resistant. It’s the classic paper bag — made reusable.

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Boxed Lunch

Designed to fit easily into a backpack or tote, the Boxed Lunch is perfect for taking to school or the office. An extra-thick lining provides a long stay-cool time, while the seams have been carefully finished to avoid leaks.

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Mini Shopper Lunch

With quality finishing and extra-thick lining to maximize cool time, this mini take on a classic cooler is perfect for school, the office, or a trip.

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