How to Plan the Dreamiest Cottagecore Picnic

Picture this: You and your friends, surrounded by nature, listening to the cottagecore picnic playlist Spotify made you, laying out the most perfect, garden party-ready...
How to Plan the Dreamiest Cottagecore Picnic

Picture this: You and your friends, surrounded by nature, listening to the cottagecore picnic playlist Spotify made you, laying out the most perfect, garden party-ready charcuterie board. Welcome to the cottagecore picnic – a blend of whimsical aesthetics, incredible Pinterest worthy food and, obviously, eco-conscious choices! Here’s your guide to the cottagecore picnic of your dreams. 


Choosing the most ethereal of spots: 

Selecting the right spot is crucial for the picnic vibes. Think hidden meadows, quiet riverbanks, secret gardens (your local botanical garden works as well) or even cozy corners in your nearest park (we suggest looking for willow trees). Look for the places where dappled sunlight meets wildflowers. Bonus points if you're in the English countryside. Now the key to a good picnic is your picnic gear. No point in planning if by the time you get there the cheese is sweaty and the wine is lukewarm! 

While picnic baskets are adorable, they don’t do much in terms of keeping your food and drinks fresh. Swapping them for not only a functional alternative but a sustainable one means your picnic isn't just cute, it's eco-friendly! Might we recommend our Walrus Cooler? It’s natural beige finish (shoutout to our Supernatural Paper® in Sahara) means it still gives woven picnic basket vibes but with a tad more integrity and a whole lot of cool. You can fit a short baguette, utensils, veggies, wine bottles, a cutting board, drinks, smaller items and most importantly, cheese! Peep the layout below. 


The Walrus Cooler aka your perfect picnic basket! 

Or for a smaller option check out our Paper Lunch Bag

But what else makes a cottagecore picnic, you know, cottagecore? We compiled a very impressive list below to help you plan!  

  1. Cottagecore basket (see above!) 
  2. The blanket – choose a throwback-patterned blanket or a neutral cotton throw that exudes cottagecore charm for your seating area. Reminder, it will also be doubling as a photo backdrop if you are trying to capture the aesthetic vibes
  3. Eco-friendly utensils and plates – we love a bamboo or compostable utensil or plate, but reusable is even better! We always recommend using what you have first, sustainable product second.
  4. Linen Napkins – dab your mouth like a ~lady~ with soft, renewable linen. These are a dime a dozen in thrift stores, just make sure to wash before use. 
  5. Reusable straws – So much room here for a fun way to make your drinks even more gorgeous with a reusable straw! Check out Etsy to support some small businesses making stunning reusable glass straws. 
  6. Not food related, but we will say the dreamier the outfit, the dreamier your end result. Dress up in your cottagecore fit, focusing on linens, lace, sweaters, and delicate sleeves. We recommend watching Taylor Swift’s “cardigan” video for inspo. These looks are easily thrifted or maybe you already have them in your closet. The most sustainable clothing item is the one you already own! 



  1. Fancy Finger foods – elevate your entire picnic with artisanal cheeses, crusty bread, and a rainbow of fresh fruit and veggies. Highly recommend checking out your local farmer’s market to not only get fresh products but support local small businesses! There is also definitely a rule about food tasting better when it’s from a farmer’s market... or did we make that up? 
  2. Quaint sandwiches – Yes, quaint! Make a sandwich and then make it “quaint” by cutting it into fours. Throw a cucumber on there for true tea party vibes. 
  3. Colorful drinks – Yes, wine counts. But so do lemonades, teas and insert sparkly Trader Joe’s drink here! 
  4. Small desserts – Not sure if we should use quaint again, so how about petite cookies, mini brownies, little lavender shortbread, tiny cakes...we could keep going but you get the point. 


Pick up some flowers or forage for your own wildflowers, grab your film camera and have fun eating and drinking in this whimsical little world you have created for you and your guests! Make sure to tag us in your dreamy, cottagecore photos @outofthewoodsbags! 

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