Reusable Paper Lunch Bag


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A touch of nostalgia with a contemporary update. This reusable lunch bag made with washable paper has an extra-thick insulated lining that keeps your lunch fresh, while the outer material is easy to clean and water-resistant. Plus, it's made from Supernatural Paper, which has the look and feel of leather but is washable, sustainable, and 100% vegan.

All Out of the Woods products are sustainable, vegan, and reusable. Featuring Supernatural Paper™, which is washable! Since this product is insulated, both the insulation and the Supernatural Paper™ can be wiped clean with ease.


Customer Reviews

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Kimberly F.
Reusable Paper Lunch Bag

The shipping process took a while. I was worried that I wouldn’t get my lunch bag on time. I emailed your company and they emailed me back the shipping information. The label wasn’t put on therefore the shipping process was delayed. After the long wait, I finally received the bag a couple of days later. Although the shipping process was longer than expected, I am happy with the lunch bag. I get compliments about it. I appreciate the team replying back.

Nancy H.
Everyone needs one!

We recently purchased the reusable supernatural paper lunch bag for our store The Cumberland Shop. We are extremely careful when we carry any goods that are not made within the area where we live, and we are thrilled with the reusable lunch bag. First of all : it is so cute! Second: it’s sustainable and very reasonably priced! We love it!

Linda J.
Cool & Stylish Lunch Bag

I got this lunch bag for my daughter that started high school this year and she loves it and said she got many, many compliments on it! I knew it would be a fun lunch bag for her :-D

Luca F.

Reusable Paper Lunch Bag

Rhonda J.
Super cute and functional

Very cute and functional. Holds my whole lunch and keeps everything cold throughout the day.

the closure strap. It would tear loose from wear & tear. I’ll be ordering my 3rd one.

I’ve had 2 of the lunch bag… Gots lots of likes. Looks like have perfected the closure strap. The stitching would come loose and the strap would c off…

Lynn H.
A Forever Buy

Absolutely in love with this lunch bag, will be using it for many years to come!

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