Let's Get Down To Our Roots.

Hi, we’re Out of the Woods, and we create bags that not only look good, but do good for the environment, too. Our mission is...
Let's Get Down To Our Roots.

Hi, we’re Out of the Woods, and we create bags that not only look good, but do good for the environment, too.

Our mission is to be kinder to our planet by creating beautiful products that are durable, affordable, and made of renewable materials rooted in sustainability.

Rolls of Supernatural Paper sustainable and eco-friendly material

We were founded by Pierre Barlier, the founder and CEO of KeepCool (credited for introducing the first reusable bags made from post-consumer waste in the United States in 2007). The development of Out of the Woods featuring  Supernatural Paper (the unique material that makes our products so special!) were a natural extension of Pierre’s life-long passion for sustainability, eliminating single-use plastic bags, and the environment. If you’d like to learn more about KeepCool, click here.

Wine in a black sustainable wine tote

Today, our bags are known for being naturally good for Mother Earth because they eliminate the need for single-use bags - leave those in 2020! And best of all, they’re made of Supernatural Paper, which is made with tree pulp from well-managed forests where trees are responsibly harvested and replanted —so you can trust our material is nearly as sustainable as you can get. This paper is specially bonded and transformed to give it ‘supernatural’ features of being washable and strong - rugged features to last. With the use of our Supernatural Paper, our products have a more desirable environmental profile than bags made with many other materials, including plastic, animal-hide, and cotton. This noteworthy material is vegan, washable (yep, you heard us), lightweight, animal-free, sustainable, strong, and replenishable (because it’s made from trees)! To top it off, while traditional papermaking can be quite water intensive, our process returns 93% of the water drawn for production back to where it came from (squeaky clean), and the other 7% evaporates.

Sustainable eco-friendly Supernatural Paper

We’re proud to work with talented and imaginative designers and artisans from all over the world who collaborate to visualize, ideate, innovate, construct and repeat each thoughtful detail every bag. From backpacks to wine totes, and everything in-between, our bags are dependable, strong, sustainable, and affordable. We proudly produce our bags in a modern, airy facility in Vietnam where our skilled craftspeople follow best practices for health, safety, labor, and the environment that exceed global standards.

With Out of the Woods, you are advocating for a symbol of change for the conscious and the considerate. Are you with us?  

“A good bag embraces more than you ask it to hold. It embraces you.”

— Pierre Barlier, CEO and Founder

Learn more about our bags here.

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