New Year, New You! New Years Resolutions that are good for you AND the planet!

This year, let's shake things up with resolutions that are good for you AND the planet. Whether it’s focusing on your health, cleaning up your...
New Year, New You! New Years Resolutions that are good for you AND the planet!

This year, let's shake things up with resolutions that are good for you AND the planet. Whether it’s focusing on your health, cleaning up your space, or saving money, we all want that “glow up” everyone is talking about. But I sometimes think we go about it in all the wrong ways. Resolutions, or as I like to think about them, lifestyle changes, can be tricky. Going cold turkey on January 1st makes maintaining changes really difficult. But I find that when talking NY resolutions, it’s all about the approach and motivation.

I have successfully kept one New Year’s resolution in my life, and that is consistently taking the stairs over elevators/escalators, and yes, my butt is grateful. But my active gym membership, healthy eating, clean living, and sustainable closet (a more sustainable closet, even I am not perfect) did not just appear on January 1st. It was something I really had to work for, and still do have to work for. Now when your motivations, your knowledge and your reasons are all aligned, that is when I believe you see real change. But if you keep doing the same thing, expecting different results… well what’s that saying? Something something, the definition of insanity?

Now taking care of yourself or trying to isn’t insane! But it can get real frustrating without a clear path. My job here is to give you some reasons to keep your goals. And encourage you to think of them as lifestyle changes, not New Year’s resolutions. Especially when these are good for both you and the planet!

Resolution #1: Disposables? Never heard of her: This is always the first thing I tell people to do when they want to start on their own sustainability journey. For you, this might look like going through your home and thinking about the things you constantly replace. Is it water bottles? Maybe a Brita or other filtered system could cut down on costs and help keep your home more plastic free. And then you can get yourself a cute reusable water bottle too! What about napkins, paper towels, toilet paper? I’m not saying you need to get fully into the reusable rag game (reusable toilet paper does still scare me), but investing in some nice rags (you know what I mean here) could not only help you use less, but you might see your habits start to change from reaching for paper towels to the reusable towel. I suggest keeping them right near your sink for easy access. The internet is filled with swaps and eco-friendly options. It’s all about asking yourself what your day to day looks like and how you can begin to shift to a more sustainable lifestyle. This also tends to save you money!

Not sure where to start? Check out some of our favorite sustainable stores here!

Resolution #2: Entering my compost era: Compost is literally gold but it’s hard, especially in a city or with little yard space. But when I started composting my kitchen scraps (in my tiny apartment thanks to a pick-up service), I really felt like I was contributing to a greater good and making sure that these things that Mother Earth took the time to nurture and grow, get to go back to the Earth in a really impactful way! A lot of cities offer pick up programs or local compost dumps. Or, if you think you got the time and space to become your own compost queen and/or king go for it! YouTube is filled with tutorials (duh) and so is probably any other social media platform of your choosing. Also, if you’re into plants, let me tell you… Game. Changer.

Resolution #3: Plant Based Icon:

Here me out. Plant-based diets, even if just for some meals are so good for both you and the planet. One of the biggest polluters, land degraders, emission producers and contributor to health issues is the meat industry. Choosing a plant-based meal 4 or 5 times a week is actually one of the best things you can do to get started in the climate space and it benefits you in so many ways! Also, if you want to come at me about protein, your girl and her lifting program are ready. Also, let me know how you feel after eating PB for a week. Energy? Happiness? Clear Skin???? Who would have thought! Think about it for me would ya:)

Resolution #4: It’s called FASHION.

Okay now into my area of expertise: fashion! Now I could go on and on about fast fashion, why it is so important to wear what you have, support small businesses, and shop second hand, but I won’t. I’ll just say this. You don’t need a new wardrobe. You don’t need what is trending on Tiktok or Pinterest or wherever else you might see things everyone else is buying. Now as a fashion girlie through and through I will say, I get it. I love a new dress for a night out, paired with some shoes and a new purse? Like, sign me up. But before you jump the gun on that new top everyone owns, I encourage you to do your research on the brands you support, shop secondhand when you can, (your wallet will also thank you) and think really, truly hard about want vs need. My New Year’s resolution for you is to think about why you want new clothes. Sit with it and reflect. Once you’ve come up with your answer, look at alternatives if something you want really won’t leave your mind. See if you can find it on Poshmark or Depop or other secondhand sites/apps. Maybe a smaller business with more ethical practices sells it. Sometimes the price tags can be a bit scary here, but just remember, these are things meant to last a lifetime when bought new. They aren’t disposable fast fashion. Cherish what you have and consider how you want to spend your money on something new! Bonus tip: Do a clothing swap with your friends, it is SO fun! Or check out Out of the Woods for any of your carryall/cooler needs! Might I recommend this fave?


Resolution #5: Get outside more.

Move your body outside. Bask in the sun (with proper SPF of course.) That’s it. That’s the resolution.

Bonus Resolution: Talk about sustainability!

Sometimes this conversation is a little weird, but talking about your journey with friends and family can help make this way of living become more mainstream. It doesn’t have to all be boxy clothes and weird deodorants that don’t work. The world around us is evolving because we are evolving. And it’s okay to want to talk about it. If you want more ways to get involved check out what’s happening in your community, talk with your representatives and vote with your dollars!


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