So long are the days of shoulder pain with an overpacked tote bag. The streets are saturated with branded totes – we love them for their reusability and use as an alternative to single-use plastics. In fact, it is estimated that one reusable tote replaces close to 500 single-use plastic bags. On one hand, we applaud tote bags for their sustainability. We believe the tote bag has its time and place – which are many! We also believe that the backpack is back. Turns out there are more and more times and places for a hands-free bag with zippered pockets.

Let’s reframe the narrative that backpacks are just for school. Long associated with commutes to class, backpacks are a symbol of students. More than that, backpacks carry the weight of books and school stress in a way that totes can’t. We think they should start carrying the (light) weight of everyday essentials – a laptop, a book, a planner, a wallet, keys.

The Backpack is designed for just that. We’ve perfected the details so you just need this one – trust us, it is an essential.

Functional with two sets of straps: one pair of grab handles so you can easily pick it up off the floor or the passenger side of the car, plus a traditional set to comfortably carry it on your shoulders.

Minimal with only the critical compartments: a large main compartment with zipper closure, a laptop pouch, a front zippered pocket large enough for your wallet and small enough to not lose your pens.

Sustainably made from Supernatural Paper™. If you’re new here, learn more about Supernatural Paper™ here. The editor’s cut is that it is made from paper sourced from responsibly managed forests, bonded to make it washable and durable. Supernatural, indeed – and also more sustainable than leading materials like cotton, leather, or other petroleum-based materials.

It’s WASHABLE. Truly, hose it down, throw it in the wash, and voila! Don’t believe us, watch this.

It’s a backpack not just for class or the library. It’s designed to fit everything, for you to take everywhere, every day. If you’re interested in bringing back the backpack, click here.