What Is Washable Paper?

The term “washable paper” might sound implausible, but trust us — it’s the real deal. In fact, many of our most popular bags are made...
Washable paper in a pile

The term “washable paper” might sound implausible, but trust us — it’s the real deal. In fact, many of our most popular bags are made from this remarkable eco-friendly material that’s just as attractive and durable as leather, making it the perfect material for reusable and insulated lunch bags.

Even with the messiest lunch, washable paper wipes clean with a simple dab or two. Try doing that with a paper lunch bag and see how that holds up. We dare you! Our non-insulated reusable bags are even machine-washable.

Mini Shopper bag in Ebony

About Washable Paper

There are many different types of washable paper on the market. But at Out of the Woods® and KeepCool, we use an über-special variety that we’ve dubbed Supernatural Paper. Here’s what makes it so amazing.

Washable paper is a material made from the cellulose found in trees. In the case of Supernatural Paper, those trees come from responsibly managed forests. So even though it has many of the qualities of leather, it’s 100% cruelty-free, vegan, and sustainable. That means a lunch bag made from washable paper is a sustainable lunch bag.

To make it water resistant, Supernatural Paper is bonded with a synthetic, allergen-free latex, giving it long-lasting durability. Drip some PB&J on your reusable lunch bag? Not a problem if it’s made from washable paper. Simply wipe it clean and it’s good to go.

Washable Paper Bags

An Out of the Woods Reusable Paper Lunch Bag in a field

Some first-time customers are amazed that our bags are made from plants, not from animal-based leather. If you’re a proud owner of one of our products, you’re already familiar with how rugged and convenient our bags can be — and why Supernatural Paper is the ideal material for reusable lunch bags due to how lightweight and easy to clean it is.

Check out our most popular reusable lunch bags.

Reusable Paper Lunch Bag. The classic became a bestseller for many reasons: elegant simplicity, sustainability, and pure nostalgia. The insulated layer helps keep your sammies and snacks far fresher than the paper lunch bags of yore.

Boxed Lunch. The grown-up sister to the Reusable Paper Lunch Bag, the Boxed Lunch offers a smidge more style and a zippable bag to lock freshness into its insulated core. Plus, it’s compact enough to fit into a backpack or tote.

Mini Shopper Lunch. The Iconic Shopper lived up to its name so well that we shrunk it down to lunch-able proportions and added sandwich-friendly insulation to ensure it becomes your go-to reusable lunch bag.

And those are just the bags we’ve designed specifically to carry individual lunches. Check out our whole array of insulated bags that can carry picnics for the whole gang.


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